Building Resilient, Robust Athletes


In this section, I will share my expertise on long-term athlete development (LTAD), focusing on the youth student-athlete-citizen from multiple perspectives - as an athlete | coach | strength & conditioning coach | researcher | teacher | coach educator | sports leader.  This is current focus of my work that blends sports science, growth and maturation, strength and conditioning, coaching, youth fitness youth sports, and integrated sports performance into one comprehensive model. I believe that my combination of knowledge, experience and background provides a unique lens on the long-term develop of the athlete using an integrated, holistic approach.

My goal is to educate and assist teams, schools, clubs or communities in the implementation of LTAD.     If you are interested to learn more, please contact me -

For more information on LTAD, follow my blog @ Volt Athletics  

Additional resources on LTAD can be found at the bottom of this page.

Why LTAD? ??? - physical literacy / PA / sports specialization etc.. / fitness of youth adults  Use slides from NSCA USA Football presentation

 let's define athlete development --The NSCA position paper  - define athleticism - show rhodri model -  ANd thus, LTAD is defined as ....

NSCA pillar and the paper - link to paper


show general Balyi model?



  1. Accessibility to sport
  2. Multi-sport participation

Jon and Rhodri model of athleticism However, this only takes into account

Second, - TTPM model / integrated sports performance (Test-Train-Energize) - JCE stuff on Recovery - nutrition and sleep (SP as model)

TTPP here? - show TTP with change across age -

Coach development - general here and then another page to be built in future ??     USOC QCF / Gilbert book / HK successful coaching / USCEE

show JCE curriculum -

System Integration

Additional Resources

Canada Sports for Life

USOC American Development Model

USA Hockey

National Strength & Conditioning Association