Building Resilient, Robust Athletes





Central VA Sports Performance 10.31.2016

In this podcast hosted by Jay DeMayo, we discuss Spartan Performance including research, coaching education, and the integrated sports performance model, which Jay comments is  "fantastic for the direction of the profession". We then get into how to continue to better the profession through colloboration with in all aspects of coaching, sports med, and academics. which is highlighted in our discussion of Translational Sports Science.

Guru Performance 05.04.2017

In Episode 99 of the Guru Performance ‘We Do Science’ podcast, I discuss ‘Translational Sport Science’ with Laurent Bannock, who happened to be completing his dissertation on the topic. Our conversation includes the following:

  • Defining ‘Translational Sport Science’
  • ‘Bridging the Gap’ / ‘Science to Practice’ Concept
  • Knowledge Management (KM) and Transfer (KT) in Sport Science
  • Science to Practice Translation Obstacles: Translational ‘Blocks’ in Sport Science
  • “If There’s a Problem: There’s a Solution”
  • Examples of Translating Science to Practice

Pacey Performance 05.11.2017

In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast I speaking with Rob Pacey about growth, maturation and youth athletes, including USA Football’s LTAD model. We also share a conversation about applied sports science research in the US and foreign sports scientists entering the US and taking up new roles.

Decoding Excellence 11.16.2017

Adam Ringler & I discuss:

  • My background in high performance and USA Football
  • Translational Sport-Science
  • Strong influences and mentors in his journey
  • Predictions on Performance Technologies
  • Intelligence Quotient vs. Emotional Quotient
  • Importance of Coach Wellness & Health

Voyager Sport  11.21.2017

Jake Schuster and I discuss 'What is the ideal Long Term Athletic Development model and how can it be feasibly implemented?'

USA Football

A couple of conversations with Coach Keith Grabowski during my time at USA Football. This was the start to the High Performance series of podcast that included some excellent guests.

Introduction of strength & conditioning to the Coach and Coordinator podcast

This was the introduction of myself to USA Football and the role of high performance and strength & conditioning to USA Football.  Several topics were covered including: my background; integrated, holistic approach to sports performance; evolution of "the strength coach"; building mental toughness; the need for communication between high school coaches of different sports; the role of Athletic Directors in sage-guarding athlete wellness; dynamic warmups and agility.


Keith and I discuss the concept and definition of conditioning, why it’s important to involve the mental side into a program’s conditioning efforts and how the development of a Fatigue Index can help programs assess football-specific conditioning.

Michigan State University: Faculty Conversations 08.10.2015

An overview of Spartan Performance.