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Sports Science

Define here - from home page -- highlight Translational sports science paper

think about Research Methods ---

My goal is to educate and assist teams, schools, clubs or communities in the implementation of LTAD and Integrated Sports Performance.     If you are interested to learn more, please contact me -

For more information on LTAD, follow my blog @ Volt Athletics  

Additional resources on LTAD can be found at the bottom of this page. ????

Define ISP  -- TTTP - all puzzle pieces




Test - SP test slide


Train -   Jon Rhodri again - JCE tweets







"Integration" - not only in weight room but also onto playing field - DWU / practice- sport specific movements, conditioning, movement analysis and coaching cues, etc.


Energize - Preparation & Recovery - nutrition and sleep / Mental skills



Sleep - another panel


Other recover modalties - SP handouts...

Mental skills - another panel - overall

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